Letter in the NJ Today Sympathetic to Our Cause

Cody Reed has a letter to the editor in today’s News Journal that includes our web address.  Thanks for the shout-out Cody!

It’s a good letter about how Humanist and atheist voices will not be suppressed.  It’s already gathered a few nasty comments from the local theists on the NJ’s site.   I’ve copied the text below for future reference since this will only be on the NJ’s site for a week or two-

Humanists and atheists must show majority that we will not be silenced

Those who don’t ascribe to the dominant Judeo-Christian belief system are usually mischaracterized by those in the majority. One mistaken notion about those with humanistic/atheistic/non-religious viewpoints is that we tend to wield disproportionate power over the world and are responsible for the bad world events. How can that be, when more than 9 in 10 questioned believe in a “higher power” of some sort? How can those in the less-than-10 percent-minority “have so much power,” especially when only two members of Congress are known atheists?

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