Horrible accusation levied against Atheists

Recently in the Mansfield News Journal an opinion letter about the Mid Ohio Atheists was submitted and printed.  While the author of this letter, W. Willy Allen of Bellville Ohio (I like to pretend the first W stands for Wild), shows throughout his letter that he lacks the ability to understand some of the most simple concepts– well there is only one thing in his letter I really feel needs to be addressed.

W. Willy Allen said
“Every so often in Richland County the local atheists come to the surface. They have popped up twice in recent months. Like Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, they pop to the surface. They’re cute, but not cuddly.”

I sir, will not stand for this slight against my Atheist brothers and sisters!  How dare you imply that we are not cuddly!  While I’m sure Wild, as I will refer to him from this point forward, was probably unaware but June 1st, just two days before the publishing of his letter was National Hug an Atheist day.  Everyone knows that atheists are by far the most cuddly people on the planet.

Some of our Cuddly Atheist friends at the University of Minnesota


Atheist Blogging superstar PZ Myers! Notice how cuddly?

I do want to thank Wild for, well, a wild idea.  He has inspired me to write a new series here at our blog.  Often as Atheists we are accused of so much.  Having no morals, being evil, not understanding the Bible, not having been raised properly, or just hating god.  Well the only way to dispel these ideas is to introduce you to some of our members.  Starting in the next couple of weeks I will be posting about some of our members, who they are and what they do– when they aren’t– well you know–  being atheists.

Now I realize that any evidence or ‘proof’ that the members of our group are not evil people bent on the destruction of Christianity and America is likely to be ignored so that faith can be preserved by many who will read those blogs.  Just know that I’m ok with that.  I’m not here to turn you into an Atheist.  I will happily settle for a few less hateful Christians.

God says he’s ok with Atheism..

Gives Ohio Giant Atheist A in the Sky

I was kind shocked myself, but this is the kinda wild coincidence that can only be divine intervention.   Let me set the subjective back story before I amaze you with magic! First the morning started off kinda rough..  Like normal I’m prodding my son along to get ready for school, which of course makes us nearly 10 minutes late exiting the house.  As we make our way to the driveway I notice it frosted the night before, and wouldn’t you know, but the lock to my car is frozen!  After several more minutes were finally able to enter the car and through what can only be described as the first miracle of the morning I made the normally 30 minute drive in just over 22 minutes!  Surly there must have been some power greater than myself guiding me.   On the way back I look into the sky what do I see? What can surly only be a sign from an all powerful and benevolent creator.





It is  far to perfect to be chance, it must be design!  (click here for uncropped )

The first thing I did when I saw this image in the sky (after pulling my car to screeching halt at the side of a busy highway to take the picture) was to send a copy to a friend of mine who is Christian (a young earth, everything is designed and there is no such thing as evolution Christian).


ME: *IMAGE* Hey God put a giant Atheist A in the Sky!  He dose exist!

HIM:  Uhhh, that looks more like the Anarchy A.

ME: I really doubt God is pro-Anarchy.

HIM: Its Jet trails.  It just looks like an A.

ME: So what your telling me is that not everything that looks designed, is designed?  Hmm Weird..

HIM: Your a Dick.

ME: Agree to Disagree.




Remember its a Choice–


I can hear you already..

“What the hell dose being left handed have to do with anything?”

Well apparently quite allot.   A Facebook friend of ours posted this little cartoon and I have to say it had me fooled.   In reading it I expected some witty closure on Homosexuality.  However this was far more intelligent than that.   It did start me to thinking- because I consider myself pretty well versed in the silliness of the Bible.  However this one had me stumped.   So I did a little Research (ok I did a quick Google Search)  and found several pages on the topic.


However nobody got quite so in depth on the topic of hands then the people over at www.biblenews1.com.

They have an entire article about ‘Hands in Scripture’.   It contains many little pearls of crazy like this one-

“The right hand stands for the Right Man, and the left hand stands for the Right Woman.  Furthermore, Right Man symbolizes the leader, whereas the Right Woman symbolizes the follower, or responder.  Right Man – Right Woman fit together as male and female, masculine and feminine, action and response, authority and subject.  In language, Right Man is like the active voice and Right Woman is like the passive voice.  Similarly, the right hand of a right-handed person is the hand of action and and left hand is the hand of response.  The right hand represents the current state, while the left hand represents the past.  The right hand is the hand that has developed, and the left is the hand with which a person was born.  The left hand is dominant in left-handed people and all this is reversed.

Not knowing the difference between the left and right hand is an idiom for ignorance.  More specifically, the Lord uses it as an idiom for the ignorance of a child (Jonah 4:11) who has not reached the age of accountability (Deuteronomy 1:39; Isaiah 7:16).  This idiom is not casually thrown into the book of Jonah, which begins and ends with statements about the analysis of the left and right hand.  Jonah’s behavior matches the fingerprint on his left forefinger.  The Lord knew this when He inspired the book of Jonah.  The last verse in the book is a punch line that reveals the Lord’s sense of humorin the story of Jonah.”     

All this left me scratching my head a bit.  I’m not sure but I think they just accused all left handed people of being Childish Women.


The left handed people over at http://www.anythinglefthanded.co.uk have a very nice article about the myths surronding that horrible scourge on society, the lefty. Continue reading

Truth in Advertising..

I’ve started to see a growing trend in the way different Church’s are advertising lately.  First we had the McElroy Church of Christ reminding us that ‘There is no God’ and “Don’t believe everything you hear”.  Now we have Cornerstone Freewill Baptist Church letting us know that there Church can’t get you to heaven.  Its an interesting trend and I’m not sure what the point is….perhaps to confuse the people to such an extreme they have no choice but to come to their Church to seek some clarification.