Another successful cleanup

MOA members by sign

Grant, Beau, and Mike

We completed another cleanup along I-71 today.  Six members showed up along with 2 new people who found out about the cleanup on Facebook.

It took about 3 hours to do the cleanup and get everyone back off the interstate.  Many of us went to a local fast food restaurant for lunch afterwards.

I want to thank everyone that participated, it’s people like you that will put a positive face on atheism for the world to see.  For those with open minds, it shows that helping and serving others is a human thing, not a god thing.

We need to do 2 more cleanups before the end of the season in October.  The next pickup will be September 10th and the last one for this year will be October 22nd.  There will be reminders when these dates get closer.

Thanks again!
Ron Stephens