Another awesome free e-book

John W. Loftus has made available free for download the companion book to Why I Became an Atheist.  Here are the titles of some of the chapters to give you a feel of the book-

  • Where’s The Beef? And Where’s the Evidence?
  • The Argument From the Scale of the Universe.
  • The Fall of Adam Is No Answer to Evil
  • Can Prayer Change the Past?
  • Two Problems with Calvinism
  • Preterism: an Admission Jesus Failed to Return
  • The History of Christianity Debunks Itself
  • Christians are Fearful of Doubting
  • Pascal’s Wager Revisited

The book is being offered for free but why not spread the wealth and give him a donation while your at it.  You can get the e-book here.

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Seek to Instill Christian Nation

One name keeps coming up when “Christian Nation” is spoken in reference to todays GOP presidential hopefuls. That Name is David Barton. David Barton believes that the founding fathers established this nation as a Christian Nation and has twisted history in an effort to prove it.

Newt GingrichMichele Bachmann, and Mike Huckabee all point to David Barton, describing him as the greatest historian of our time. David Barton claims that the founding fathers meant for America to be a Christian Nation and that our government should return to biblical principles.

Mike Huckabee at the Rediscover God In America conference, stated that every American should be forced to learn from David Barton, at gunpoint, if necessary.

Additional information on David Barton can be found here: slaveryhere, and here.

While no references to Herman Cain have been found in relation to David Barton in my search he has stated that everything should be based on biblical principles.

David Barton promotes a “Christian Nation”, at least 3 of the presidential candidates for the GOP point to him as their historian of choice, exclaiming that he is the greatest historian of our time. This is adequate as proof that the GOP candidates desire to establish this country as a “Christian Nation”. In reality this means that these candidates would not serve the people, but instead, would serve what they see as a higher authority. In essence, the Christian religion, church, would be in charge of national and international policy.

Freethinker’s Corner

Secular Student Alliance

Allot of people want to get involved but often don’t know where to start.  For those of you in College you have a huge resource you should take advantage of, in the form of the Secular Student Alliance.  



One of the newest groups to join the SSA family is West Virginia University- Parkersburg.  I’d like to encourage everyone to head over to their facebook page and show them some love and welcome them to the Atheist Community!



Miami University Secular Student Radio

Mid Ohio Atheists are proud to announce our very own Nick Lewis will be co-hosting the Secular Student Radio Program at Miami of Ohio.


Its described as “A radio show about everything secular with hosts Nick Lewis, Doug McNally, and Jake Gregg!”

Tune in Sundays at 9:00 PM at!

Or visit their Facebook Page and Like them!