Christians showing love again

An atheist billboard put up on Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte NC which states “One Nation Indivisible” has been defaced.

Defaced Billboard

Defaced Billboard

The billboard was meant to show the original wording of the pledge, which was later modified to include the divisive words “under God”.   This is just the latest example of vandalism of atheist billboards.

You can find out more about the incident HERE.

Republicans want your input.

The House Republicans have requested input from the American people as to what is important to them.  They’ve set up a site to collect all the responses-

That’s all well and good, but from the comments I’ve seen on their website, I believe they are getting input that they didn’t quite expect.

Here are a few recent comments.-

  • The United States is not a christian nation and never has been. The idea that it is should be eradicated and we should continue to re-enforce the separation of church and state.
  • Government funds should not go towards religious organizations. I don’t want big government getting involved in my religion, and I don’t want money being wasted on something I don’t believe in. End the “christian nation” bull, taxpayer money shouldn’t be wasted on religion (it falls into the category of “wasteful government spending”). So repeal the law about faith based initiatives.
  • we need to employ some of those invincible black knights from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • Somebody stole my bike even though I had a bike lock on it… Guess I should have spent the extra $7 for the deluxe one with the thicker chain. Dangit.
  • We should pray more for a protective magic God wall to fortify America for those mean old terrorists. That’s show em.
  • lets give bibles to the poor, its more useful than food or education or healthcare, they can pray away their poverty.

I think the Republicans weren’t prepared for all the sarcasm they’re receiving.   🙂