Picnic Sign-Up list 2013

Our annual picnic is coming up soon. The picnic will be at the Mohican State Forest, at the North Park Picnic Shelter on Sunday July 21st at Noon.

In order to track what people are bringing to the picnic, please send an email to picnic2013@midohioatheists.org with what you plan to bring.

I think we will have about 75 people show up.  Keep checking back here as I will update the number of people as more people respond.  I will keep the list of items updated as I receive emails also.  Feel free to bring anything you like even if it isn’t on the list or someone else already volunteered that item.

Thanks, Ron.

Things people have already volunteered to bring:

  • Hamburgers & buns
  • Hotdogs & buns
  • Condiments (Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Barbecue Sauce, Mayo, Pickles, etc…..)
  • Potato Salad
  • Fruit Platter
  • Veggie Platter
  • Sweet tea
  • Bowl of Mixed Fruit
  • Chips and dip
  • Pop
  • Pasta Salad
  • Pie
  • Cookies
  • Bottled Water
  • organic Blue Corn tortilla chips and bean dip
  • Watermelon

Things still needed:

  • Charcoal & Lighter Fluid
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Macaroni salad
  • Brats
  • More Desserts (you can never have too many!)
  • Anything else you want to share.

Meetups this Saturday

We have two meetups coming this weekend I’d like to tell you about and encourage you to attend.

First is the Adopt a Highway Cleanup on Saturday morning. We’ll meet at the usual location, the Ohio State Patrol post on Main St. near the I-71 & St Rt 13 interchange. The pickup will start at 7:30.  If we get enough people the pickup should go pretty fast, the last time it only took us about two hours.

For those who want, we’ll meet at the nearby McDonald’s for breakfast at 6:30 AM.

The second event this Saturday is the Fire Pit meetup at Brad and Candice’s home in Mansfield near Middle Bellville Rd.  This is the second time for this event and I highly recommend it as the first one was so much fun.  This month we’ve decided to ask members to bring their favorite desert to share with everyone. All other food items will be provided. There is a $5 per person charge to pay for the food.  Any money left over will be donated to the group. Alcohol is not provided but is allowed; just bring your own favorite adult beverage.  Also, if you are able, please bring nonperishable food items to be donated to Harmony House.  They have a limited number of chairs so bring extra camping chairs if you have them.

MidOhio Atheists Highway Cleanup

It’s that time of year again for the cleanup. Perhaps you are a new member and this cleanup obligation was made before you came along. It still needs to be done. It is necessary to meet this obligation four times a year. This cleanup is scheduled for 8:00 am Saturday May 4th. Please meet there (Highway Patrol parking lot at Hanley road and South Main Street) around 7:30 or so if you can be part of this opportunity to do public service. We must not fail as it would be an embarrassment for our group if the signs presently posted on I-71 were to come down due to our negligence.

Great book debunking the resurrection now free to download

imageChris Hallquist has made available for download a great book on the resurrection and the way Christian apologists spin the story to make it sound plausible. Chris even takes on the most famous modern apologist William Lane Craig and shows the tricks Craig uses to cloud the fact that there is no good evidence the resurrection occurred.

The book is entitled UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God: Debunking the Resurrection of Jesus and can be downloaded from Chris’ blog.

Chris is making this available for free but if you want to support him and encourage him to write more books like this, please consider donating some money to him.  A donation link is available on his blog.

The Bad News about the Good News Club

Scott Burdick has released a new video on Youtube on a group called The Good News Club that is trying to spread Evangelical Christianity in our public schools.


Sophia Investigates The Good News Club

 This club has the backing of the Supreme Court who, in a 6 to 3 decision, said the club has the right to meet in public schools after hours.

The issue is that the leaders of these meetings are teaching the kids who attend to push their beliefs onto their classmates during the school day when your kids are required to be there. 

If you are an atheist parent, your child is being converted to fundamentalist Christianity by their classmates. This can be going on without your permission, or even knowledge. If your school district has one of these clubs, you should understand what is going on at your child’s school.

Darwin Day Celebration


Mid Ohio Atheists will be holding an educational event on February 10th for elementary school children in the Mansfield area.   The event will be held at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center, 116 Park Ave. West in Mansfield at 3 PM.

Canadian author Mary Anne Farah will read her children’s e-book, Pepper’s Special Wings – A Story About Natural Selection.  Children will see how Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory works, using words and colorful artwork they can understand.  Children will also see that sometimes being different is what makes them amazing!

Next will be a presentation on Evolution and the life of Charles Darwin given by Mid Ohio Atheists Director and Vice President Drenn Workman.

The event is free to attend and there will be door prizes and light refreshments.

Here is a flyer you can print out and share- darwinday2013

There will be door prizes including books on evolution for children.  Two of Daniels Loxton’s book Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be will be given away.

Ohio Secular Summit

A note from Mark Tiborsky-

On Sunday Feb. 24/Monday Feb. 25 we’ll be having a grassroots “secular summit” in Columbus. On Sunday 2/24 we’re gathering at the Holiday Inn Columbus (Downtown/Capitol Square) to hear a few relevant talks and to share information (and to hobnob a bit, of course 🙂

On Monday, if appointments go well we’ll be meeting with our state legislators or their staffs, on an individual basis or in small groups (depending on how many rsvp). The message we want to bring can be summed up as: 1) Hi, we’re the Ohio “Nones” 🙂 2) We urge you to help in promoting a secular public policy for the State of Ohio, based in reason and sound science and free from religious entanglement. More details and specifics will be talked about when we gather on Sunday.

There is no cost involved save for hotel room & expenses for those who plan to stay overnight 2/24 in Columbus. Rooms at the hotel, which is right around the corner from the Statehouse, can be had for $98. CFI NE Ohio is picking up the tab for the meeting space. There is no requirement that attendees stay overnight, though- some may just want to take part on Monday.

If any of your members would like to attend, here is the registration link… included within are links for attendees to find their district legislators, book a room at the Holiday Inn, etc. It is up to attendees to schedule their own appointments, however Monette and I will assist with that if needed.