MidOhio Atheists and American Atheists Join Forces!

We are extremely happy to be able to announce our upcoming billboard campaign!  In association with American Atheists!    Thanks Dave!

Three Billboards will be going up in the Mansfield Ohio area.  They will go up the week after Thanksgiving and will come down the day before Christmas.  One will be a modified version of the New York Billboard American Atheists will be putting up for Christmas, the second is a billboard to let Atheists in the  Mid-Ohio area know we’re here, the third will be a reply to the McElroy Church of Christ who several months ago created a media stir with their ‘There is no God. Don’t Believe everything you hear.” billboard.  Which increased the traffic at our site to such levels it repeatedly crashed our server over a week span because of local people assuming the Atheist/Skeptic message was one put up by a local Atheist Group.



 Billboard 1 


Billboard 2

Billboard 3



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