God says he’s ok with Atheism..

Gives Ohio Giant Atheist A in the Sky

I was kind shocked myself, but this is the kinda wild coincidence that can only be divine intervention.   Let me set the subjective back story before I amaze you with magic! First the morning started off kinda rough..  Like normal I’m prodding my son along to get ready for school, which of course makes us nearly 10 minutes late exiting the house.  As we make our way to the driveway I notice it frosted the night before, and wouldn’t you know, but the lock to my car is frozen!  After several more minutes were finally able to enter the car and through what can only be described as the first miracle of the morning I made the normally 30 minute drive in just over 22 minutes!  Surly there must have been some power greater than myself guiding me.   On the way back I look into the sky what do I see? What can surly only be a sign from an all powerful and benevolent creator.





It is  far to perfect to be chance, it must be design!  (click here for uncropped )

The first thing I did when I saw this image in the sky (after pulling my car to screeching halt at the side of a busy highway to take the picture) was to send a copy to a friend of mine who is Christian (a young earth, everything is designed and there is no such thing as evolution Christian).


ME: *IMAGE* Hey God put a giant Atheist A in the Sky!  He dose exist!

HIM:  Uhhh, that looks more like the Anarchy A.

ME: I really doubt God is pro-Anarchy.

HIM: Its Jet trails.  It just looks like an A.

ME: So what your telling me is that not everything that looks designed, is designed?  Hmm Weird..

HIM: Your a Dick.

ME: Agree to Disagree.






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One Response to God says he’s ok with Atheism..

  1. hf, Supreme High Lamb-y Dragon-y Person of Christians for the Antichrist says:

    No, an anarchist God seems entirely credible. Either would explain a lot — God is there, he just doesn’t “believe” in divine action!

    I think the slood-maximizer hypothesis still has them beat, though.