“No Rights: The Life of an Atheist”

Krystal Myers of Lenoir City High School, near Knoxville Tennessee, is the editor of her school paper as well as captain of the swim team and an honors student.  With those attributes, you would think she would be the type of student teachers and administrators would love to have at their school.  But, Krystal is not so popular after she tried to print an editorial in the school paper called “No Rights: The Life of an Atheist.”  School authorities decided to not let her publish the editorial, saying it would be disruptive to the school.

Why would it be disruptive?  Because it listed events occurring at the school that violates the separation of church and state and the rights of non Christian students.  By complaining of her rights as an atheist being violated, she garnered the attention of the administration which further violated her rights by banning her editorial.  It is obvious that the school authorities did not want their violations of the First Amendment to be known.

What the school authorities forgot was that this is not the 1960’s where a student really didn’t have an alternative method to broadcast her message effectively.  Instead, this is the age of social media where banned editorials can circle the globe in a matter of seconds.  By their actions, the school authorities did not prevent a disruption, they just made sure the world will know about it.

In support of Krystal’s right to free speech, I am happy to provide a link to the banned editorial for all to read.




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7 Responses to “No Rights: The Life of an Atheist”

  1. Thank you for posting a link to Krystal’s editorial.

    I read it. Good points well put–and well researched.

  2. Renée Taylor says:

    This reminds me of the same garbage my school district used to push on us. High school is a crappy experience all around, but it’s worse when the administrators and teachers are against you too. I hope having this posted around the internet helps her cause.

  3. School is all about teaching lies 2 uninformed students,what’s wrong with a few worthless restrictions along the way???????????? I’m really glad I took the rocky/road less traveled cuz it put me on-o-path that will help unwind this stupid delusion that many otherwise intelligent idiots suffer from known simply as THE GOD DISEASE….TRY BEST AS U CAN NOT 2 CATCH IT AS IT IS THEE DEADLIEST INFLICTION EVER KNOWN 2 WOMANKIND/HUMANKIND….

  4. The school has no authority to stop her from publishing that. If the school is a private institute then, yes, the private school could stop her. But not in a public school. Being the editor, she has all the final say. The school may not like it, but they can’t stop her. They can only advise. They can’t threaten to take away funding or punish her in anyway. This kind of stuff ticks me off. I don’t care about the subject at all. The subject is irrelevant when it comes to freedom of speech.

  5. Rick Hickman says:

    Thanks for posting this Ron!
    Excellent article, well done, reasoned and balanced by Krystal and not in an in your face rant as one might think a high school activist would do.
    Hopefully, the Freedom From Religion Foundation will get on board with her as they did with Jessica if she wishes to persue legal action.
    Young people like Jessica and Krystal are worth supporting.
    I’m not so sure her advisor (or the school adminstration) could not stop her article. They may have had that authority, but they can’t and didn’t stop her message.
    Am forwarding this entry and her article to the FFRF. Others here could do so too!

  6. jme says:

    It isn’t freedom OF religion. It’s freedom FROM religion, that should be the case in point to defend this poor non-dlusional minority. Saying that “Atheism” is a “Religion” is like saying that “Not-playing-football” is a “sport”.

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