Well they’re finally up!  The billboards are up!

After a failed start and then a reboot, we finally have a full fledged billboard campaign in Mansfield.  I want to thank all of the people who contributed money, time, effort, and/or artistic talent in getting us to this point.

Special thanks go out to David Silverman of American Atheists and to the designers, Elliot Fuller and Brandon Adams.  Elliot’s design, “On the first day, man created god.”, won our online contest and another of his designs was selected by the members of Mid Ohio Atheists to be the second billboard of our campaign.  Brandon designed the third billboard which is a reply to the McElroy Road Church of Christ’s “There is no god. Don’t believe everything you hear.” billboards of last summer.

And of course, I wish to thank all the members of Mid Ohio Atheists, without your support and patience this wouldn’t be possible.

The billboards can be seen at these locations-

Man Created GodW. Second St., near the intersection of S. Walnut St.


St. Rt. 430, across from Melody Ln



Park Ave. East, near the underpass


You can see the locations on this Google map-



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3 Responses to Finally!

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  3. James says:

    How you guys are putting so much effort and money into this? What’s the end goal?