Horrible accusation levied against Atheists

Recently in the Mansfield News Journal an opinion letter about the Mid Ohio Atheists was submitted and printed.  While the author of this letter, W. Willy Allen of Bellville Ohio (I like to pretend the first W stands for Wild), shows throughout his letter that he lacks the ability to understand some of the most simple concepts– well there is only one thing in his letter I really feel needs to be addressed.

W. Willy Allen said
“Every so often in Richland County the local atheists come to the surface. They have popped up twice in recent months. Like Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, they pop to the surface. They’re cute, but not cuddly.”

I sir, will not stand for this slight against my Atheist brothers and sisters!  How dare you imply that we are not cuddly!  While I’m sure Wild, as I will refer to him from this point forward, was probably unaware but June 1st, just two days before the publishing of his letter was National Hug an Atheist day.  Everyone knows that atheists are by far the most cuddly people on the planet.

Some of our Cuddly Atheist friends at the University of Minnesota


Atheist Blogging superstar PZ Myers! Notice how cuddly?

I do want to thank Wild for, well, a wild idea.  He has inspired me to write a new series here at our blog.  Often as Atheists we are accused of so much.  Having no morals, being evil, not understanding the Bible, not having been raised properly, or just hating god.  Well the only way to dispel these ideas is to introduce you to some of our members.  Starting in the next couple of weeks I will be posting about some of our members, who they are and what they do– when they aren’t– well you know–  being atheists.

Now I realize that any evidence or ‘proof’ that the members of our group are not evil people bent on the destruction of Christianity and America is likely to be ignored so that faith can be preserved by many who will read those blogs.  Just know that I’m ok with that.  I’m not here to turn you into an Atheist.  I will happily settle for a few less hateful Christians.



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3 Responses to Horrible accusation levied against Atheists

  1. Kelly Newmyer says:

    You know I really don’t care if some is an Atheist or not. But I will say they are some of the nicest people I know. They are just as huggable as a Jewish, Catholic or any other religion. It is their right.

  2. Trevor says:

    Ok. So maybe our thinking on life, the universe, and everything doesn’t always have the same “warm fuzzy feeling” as the one-answer-fits-all of religion…
    But atheists definitely make the best cuddlers!

  3. Don’t forget how extremely cuddly I am.