Creation Museum Trip Reminder

This is a reminder that the road trip we have planned is just around the corner.  Next weekend, on Saturday September 29th, we will be going to Florence KY to the Creation Museum.

We’ll be leaving Mansfield at 8:00 AM and are planning to have everyone meet for lunch at Memories of China 1035 Vandercar Way Florence, KY 41042 at 11:30.  Lunch will cost around $5.50.  After lunch we will jump over to the Creation Museum, about 20 minutes away.

We will be meeting up with our sister group, Great Lakes Atheists, and with some of the local atheists and maybe a couple of Special Guests and other groups.

If you need a ride, I will coordinate and see if there is someone who has room in their car.  A few dollars to help with gas would be expected.

Those of you who are driving, let me know if you have room.

Cost of tickets is about $30 for adults.  If you buy them online at least the day before the trip you can save about $3.

edit- I’ve just learned that you can get tickets at a deeply discounted rate ($18) at  It looks like you will have to order your tickets by Thursday if you order from this site.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at




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2 Responses to Creation Museum Trip Reminder

  1. Matthew says:

    Question: What is the point of going to the Creation Museum? Especially when you’re paying admission for it? Is it solely a educational thing? I live in Cincinnati and although I thought about tagging along, I don’t know if I could bring myself to give money to the museum. Just like I don’t support Chick-fil-a, The Boy Scouts, church festivals, Mitt Romney, etc… I feel like it’s a bit counterintuitive. I’m working this Saturday anyway. I’m still trying to scam myself a free ticket somehow and make it to the museum eventually. Just to educate myself and see what it is about. Why the Creation Museum when the Natural History Museum is 30 minutes north of it? Just wondering. Thanks. Hope everyone has fun. I enjoy the site.

  2. Ron Stephens says:

    We’ve had that debate already on whether we should be giving these people money.

    The way I see it is its a way to see what all the talk is about and even if we have a few people handing them money, in the grand scheme, its isn’t enough to make any difference to Ken Hamm.

    Why are we doing it? Purely for the lols. I know we need to be ‘respectful’, but I’m sure we will find plenty to laugh about.