Huckabee: God showed up but was ineffective in stopping the carnage

As I’m sure you are sadly aware, a crazed 20 year old killed 27 people including 20 young school children at a Newtown CT elementary school before committing suicide on December 14th.  Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor, Fox News contributor, and presidential candidate in 2008, didn’t waste any time in putting the blame on our secular culture.  When asked where was god in all this, he went on a diatribe, saying, “We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools.  Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?”

In clarifying his comments, Huckabee later included that fact that people sue a city to remove manger scenes or stop Christmas carols as reasons why we are removed from god and these tragedies occur.  He also said that, “God showed up at the tragedy in the form of teachers who put their lives between the gunman and their students.  He showed up in policemen who rushed into the school not knowing if they would be met with a barrage of bullets.  He showed up in the form of hugs and tears for children, parents, and teachers who had lived through the slaughter.  He showed up at the overflow church services where people lit candles and prayed.  And he showed up at the White House, where the President invoked his name and read from his book.”

It’s too bad god didn’t show up in the form of a lightning bolt that struck the killer dead before he could kill anyone.  It’s too bad god didn’t see it necessary to stop the gunman and prevent the needless slaughter of innocent children and the adults who were there to teach and help the children.

The god described by and worshiped by Huckabee is a vengeful petulant child that basically is saying to America that if you don’t worship me and force everyone to be subject to Christianity, then you will pay the price.  That price includes the deaths of little innocent children who have never filed a lawsuit over a manger scene or made a complaint about Christmas carols.  If there is any evil in the world, Mike Huckabee’s god is top of the list in culpability.



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3 Responses to Huckabee: God showed up but was ineffective in stopping the carnage

  1. Dee H. says:

    I don’t think you have a firm grasp on what evil is exactly.
    Hopefully I can clear something up for you.

    Take two dogs: A St. Bernard and a Chihuahua.

    Human Perspective: St. Bernard (BIGGER) Chihuahua (SMALLER)
    God’s Perspective: BOTH are Dogs. Period

    Take the Sandy Hook Situation: Killing 20 toddlers and Stealing a pencil.

    Human Perspective: Killing 20 toddlers (BIGGER) Stealing a Pencil (SMALLER: WHO CARES)
    God’s Perspective: BOTH is Sin

    God doesn’t put a scale from 1-10 on sin. It is what it is.

    You said, “Why didn’t God show up in the form of a lightening bolt and strike the killer before he could kill anyone?

    Well, why didn’t God show up in the form of a lightening bolt and strike you dead before you lied to your mom or girlfriend. Or before you talked about someone behind their back. Or told someone you hate them. Or cursed someone out. Or called someone out of their name. Or stole a piece of candy that wasn’t yours. Or used drugs. Or looked at someone else’s girl/boy and fantasized about them.

    If God came down and removed all the “Bad/Evil” people from the world, we’d all be dead! There would be no one left.

    In a human perspective, what Adam did was absolutely MONSTROUS (St. Bernard). But we are no different from Adam (God’s Perspective) because we sin everyday. Free will.

    Just like you have the free will to sit here and bash Christianity and God or get up and donate to S.H.E.S. Whether it be money, time, or just a letter or two of encouragement, or some kind of love toward THEM rather than a letter of hate toward someone else.

    This is my opinion but you seem pretty upset about the S.H.E.S shooting. But without a God, whoever did this gets away scot free. He’ll never have to answer for what he did to those innocent little boys, girls, men, and women.

    I’m not going to bash you with the bible or say you’re going to hell or anything foolish like that. Just hopefully maybe enlighten you on a few things.

  2. Ron Stephens says:

    @Dee H.

    The god you worship is the most tone deaf monster I’ve ever heard of. To say that god sees no difference between stealing a pencil and killing 20 little children with a semi-automatic military style rifle, pumping multiple bullets into each small innocent body, is the most ludicrous thing I’ve heard this year. And it has been a long year.

    This is where the ethics of atheists is so much more advanced than that of your god. We can see nuances that you have implied would totally go over the head of god. Things like premeditated murder would rank pretty high on the scale of things that are evil to an atheist, stealing a pencil, not so much. We would not send a pencil thief to prison, but most assuredly would send a murder there.

    As a father, I would not torture one of my children because she took a pencil out of her sister’s book bag. But by your own admission, your god does not see any difference between a small insignificant act and a truly horrendous one. Both acts are punished the same way, eternal torture in a lake of fire. Even though the pencil thief took a single item that costs very little, she should roast in hell according to your god. Just think of the monstrosity of a being that would do that. After a trillion years in the flames, the pencil thief is just getting started on the long march to eternity. Is such a being that would do that a just being? Not in my opinion.

    As for getting away with it. Yes, according to a secular worldview, the shooter is not going to be punished in the afterlife for his horrendous deeds. Just because we feel the need for justice and punishment for such terrible crimes, does not make it true that he will be punished in the hereafter. To think he will be punished by god is just wishful thinking.

  3. Dee H. is displaying the black and white and no in between philosophy of Christianity. I have run into it before. A man that I thought had common sense and reason turned out to be a fanatic fundamentalist, all on one issue, that of abortion. Abortion was evil, end of story. If the mother was going to die if the pregnancy were to proceed, he said the mother should die. If she were r@ped, the baby should still be carried to term. If there were deformities that would guarantee a life of misery and suffering for the baby, it still must be carried to term.
    Contrary to Dee H.’s philosophy of life there are grays, and there always will be.