Ohio Secular Summit

A note from Mark Tiborsky-

On Sunday Feb. 24/Monday Feb. 25 we’ll be having a grassroots “secular summit” in Columbus. On Sunday 2/24 we’re gathering at the Holiday Inn Columbus (Downtown/Capitol Square) to hear a few relevant talks and to share information (and to hobnob a bit, of course 🙂

On Monday, if appointments go well we’ll be meeting with our state legislators or their staffs, on an individual basis or in small groups (depending on how many rsvp). The message we want to bring can be summed up as: 1) Hi, we’re the Ohio “Nones” 🙂 2) We urge you to help in promoting a secular public policy for the State of Ohio, based in reason and sound science and free from religious entanglement. More details and specifics will be talked about when we gather on Sunday.

There is no cost involved save for hotel room & expenses for those who plan to stay overnight 2/24 in Columbus. Rooms at the hotel, which is right around the corner from the Statehouse, can be had for $98. CFI NE Ohio is picking up the tab for the meeting space. There is no requirement that attendees stay overnight, though- some may just want to take part on Monday.

If any of your members would like to attend, here is the registration link… included within are links for attendees to find their district legislators, book a room at the Holiday Inn, etc. It is up to attendees to schedule their own appointments, however Monette and I will assist with that if needed.




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