Comments are back on, let the laughter begin

They’ve turned the comments back on over at but only for certain articles.  Here is a good example of why they turned off comments in the first place-


@gccnc @rabidatheist  you cant make a atheist understand about god is best to save your electrons. Its funny to see a athiest talk about god they say he is an imaginary object. First you have to believe something excist to say it doesnt.

@metooboo @gccnc @rabidatheist Did you REALLY say, “You have to believe something exists to say it doesn’t”? So, about leprechauns, vampires, Thor, Odin, Amen-Ra, and all the other mythical figures exist, just so you can say that they don’t? That was beyond stupid!

According to metooboo you have to admit god exists before you can say it doesn’t.  Maybe, to protect their commenters from embarassment, they should turn the comments back off.

These comments are on an opinion piece about Al Sharpton not including god in a promo for MSNBC.  The writer is really upset that a reverend would forget god when referencing the pledge of allegiance.  You can see the article here.



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