Christmas Parade

We have exciting news, we are going to be in the Downtown Mansfield Inc’s Christmas Parade. We will have two banners, one saying Happy Solstice, and the other with our name on it.
The parade line begins to form at 9:00 AM, on Saturday November 23rd, at the intersection of 5th and Main St.  The parade will then start at 10:00. 
We need at least 6 people to be in the parade. Four to carry the 2 banners we have and at least 2 more to give out candy.
We need more donations of candy to give out to the kids. Please contact Ron Stephens if you have candy to donate or if you want to donate money to buy candy.
This is a wonderful opportunity to let people know about us and to show Mansfielders that atheists are normal people just like they are.



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President of Mid Ohio Atheists
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