2014 Mid Ohio Atheists Regional Picnic Announced

Our group is proud to announce the Mid Ohio Atheists Regional Picnic 2014, sponsored by Mid Ohio Atheists Inc. We are inviting groups from all over Ohio and surrounding areas to our annual get together at the Mohican State Forest. The general public is also invited to come out and meet us, as long as they are respectful and do not try to proselytize to us.

This year the picnic will be held on Sunday, July 20th, starting at 12:00 pm.  We have met at the Mohican State Forest before and had a great experience each time. This year we will meet at the North Park Shelter once again. Once you are in the forest, follow the signs to the shelter. There will also be a map available soon as well. You will want to use the St. Rt. 97 entrance to access the park for the event. Detailed directions will be available, as GPS is not always accurate in forest locations. The accurate coordinates for the location are (40.614548N 82.312439W), if you put that in GPS you will find it without much issue. The physical address always gives GPS issues due to county numbering of roads.

The picnic will be held rain or shine since we have a nice covered shelter, so please don’t let that stop you from attending.

This year we are happy to announce 2 charities we are involved with for our donation drive contest. Harmony House(a local homeless shelter) and the Humane Society of Richland County. The items that qualify for the contest for each charity are as follows: Harmony House: Toilet Paper, Trash Bags, Paper Towels, and Laundry Detergent and the Humane Society: Dry/Wet Dog or Cat Food, Clay (non clumping) Cat Litter, Canned Pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling), and Paper Towels. These items are what is most needed by these charities or what they run low on the most. Other items outside of these can be donated, but these item only count towards the contest. A full list will be available of items they accept. Whoever donates the most of these items will win the Grand Prize. We will also have a second prize for the runner up. We encourage everyone to bring items to one or both of these great organizations! Please make sure you check in your donations when you arrive (there will be signs). GRAND PRIZE: 2 Tickets to Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio and $20 Gas Card.

To say “Thanks!” this year we will have some fun raffle prizes. Please make sure you check in when you get to the event and get your raffle ticket for the random prize drawings. We will also have a kids “prize pack” as well so they will have their own chance at some kid type goodies to take home with them. This is just small way for us to show our appreciation to our friends who support us by coming to visit us each year, volunteer at our events, or support our many different educational and social endeavors we undertake.

Games & Activities
This year we have made an effort to make this event more kid friendly. We hope everyone brings their children so we have plenty of kids for the activities Meri and Tiffany have planned for the event. There are plans for a Scavenger Hunt, Marshmallow Toss (who’s not up for that?) and a Watermelon Eating Contest…(who wouldn’t want to take some photos of that!? We will have goodies and prizes for the kids so its a fun day for them to meet new people and have a fun day as well. :)

This year we are happy to invite a few speakers to join us for some entertaining and educational insight on life as an atheist:

Mark & Marni Tiborsky– from Northern Ohio Freethought Society, a chapter of Freedom From Religion Foundation, will speak about their groups recent experience with the billboard campaign in Northern Ohio, pros and cons of media coverage, and being “out” as an atheist in the community.

JT EberhardWriter and public speaker on atheism, gay rights, and other topics, over 2 yrs with Student Secular Alliance as the first high school organizer, and co-founder of Skepticon. JT will give us his insight on “How to beat the most popular arguments for god’s existence in plain English.”

Fantastic Food
What would a picnic be without good food? We estimate we will have about 80 people in attendance this year. We will have a suggested food list posted on the website, but any items are welcome that you would like to share. The list of items will be updated as we receive emails and commitments from people volunteering items. Please send a quick email to picnic2014@midohioatheists.org to let us know what you intend to bring. You don’t have to bring enough to feed the total number we anticipate, just let us know the amount you can bring so we can update our numbers. Visit our website for a list of ideas of what to bring.

Good Conversation
The main reason to go to the picnic is for the company. We hope to see all of our members there and people from all around the state and beyond. It’s great to talk with like minded people and so refreshing to have conversations that aren’t stuck at the ‘does god exist’ level.

Public Invited
We also invite the members of the general public who wish to meet atheists. This is not an invitation to have people come out and proselytize to us but rather a chance to meet with atheists and learn more about our beliefs and see that we are normal people too.

We hope to see everyone make it out this year again. We had a great time last year and really look forward to seeing our friends each year and meeting new people every year as well. Please share the event with others and work out car pools if possible to get those to the event that would like to attend. Any questions, please feel free to email Marisa Hills at marisa@midohioatheists.org

We will see everyone soon!



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