Letter in the NJ Today Sympathetic to Our Cause

Cody Reed has a letter to the editor in today’s News Journal that includes our web address.  Thanks for the shout-out Cody!

It’s a good letter about how Humanist and atheist voices will not be suppressed.  It’s already gathered a few nasty comments from the local theists on the NJ’s site.   I’ve copied the text below for future reference since this will only be on the NJ’s site for a week or two-

Humanists and atheists must show majority that we will not be silenced

Those who don’t ascribe to the dominant Judeo-Christian belief system are usually mischaracterized by those in the majority. One mistaken notion about those with humanistic/atheistic/non-religious viewpoints is that we tend to wield disproportionate power over the world and are responsible for the bad world events. How can that be, when more than 9 in 10 questioned believe in a “higher power” of some sort? How can those in the less-than-10 percent-minority “have so much power,” especially when only two members of Congress are known atheists?

Humanism extols reason and eschews doctrinaire beliefs as a “guiding force” in one’s life. What is there about this statement that causes many Judeo-Christians to believe that it undermines what it means to be “moral” and “American”? Why is it argued that anyone who doesn’t convert to the Christian’s claims, which are admittedly nonscientific, is somehow “lacking” in moral scruples?

Vocal supporters of religion also claim that we harm children because the notion of a deity is being removed from schools. Others think that we non-believers are analogous to satanists or are inspiring divine wrath. At best, atheists are merely tolerated, instead of being shown understanding when we argue that there are times when random events simply occur.

June 21 was not only be the summer solstice, but also the Atheist Day of Solidarity. To show that we’re not a silent minority, many of us wore either a red-and-black ribbon, symbolic of humanism, the Red A or some other identifying garment. Those who share our views, but have been afraid to express it publicly because of the fear of castigation by others, stand together. By doing so, we show that there are persons you know and respect that don’t hold the dominant religious viewpoint. Through this, we hope to break down stereotypes that people hold about us. Perhaps in time, everyone will be able to freely announce their preferred belief (or non-) without fear. Until then, showing that we won’t be silenced is one way of spreading awareness. For more information: www.midohioatheists.org.

Cody Reed



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2 Responses to Letter in the NJ Today Sympathetic to Our Cause

  1. Drenn Workman says:

    The message does indeed need to get out any way possible. However, it is useless to debate the deluded.

  2. ron says:

    You are right of course, people can’t be reasoned out of something they were never reasoned into. I think Cody’s letter won’t convince anyone to our side but it may make some understand that we are in the community and we should be accepted like people of other beliefs.
    I’ve read some of the comments on the NJ’s site to this letter and although some say they don’t care what Cody believes, they seem very hostile to even seeing such a letter in the paper.

    It will take time, that’s for sure, but I think the day will come when being an atheist will be accepted by most people.