A clarification on the billboard

Recently a billboard has been put up on Park Ave. East in Mansfield, near the downtown square.

There is no god

Members of Mid Ohio Atheists have had people contact them and congratulate them on putting up our first billboard.

While we certainly do agree with the sentiment expressed on the billboard- that there is no god, and that people should not believe everything they hear, we want to clarify that this is not our billboard.  It was not paid for by us in part or in the whole.  Nether were we involved in the design of the billboard.

We do want to thank the McElroy Rd. Church of Christ for advertising our thoughts on this important subject.  But, frankly, it puzzles us that McElroy Rd. Church of Christ paid to put up this sign, aren’t they afraid to lose church members?

(Edit:  It has come to our attention that there may be as many as 6 of these billboards)



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23 Responses to A clarification on the billboard

  1. Stephan Goodwin says:

    I see things like this and just giggle. There is LITERALLY nothing an atheist can say that makes religion look less with it than what the religions do themselves. Congratulations to the McElroy Rd. Church of Christ for the billboard!

  2. Felix Sinedeus says:

    For a religion that’s “based on love”, this is an awfully passive-aggressive attempt to engender a backlash against atheists.

    Obviously this sign is meant to work on 2 levels:

    1) “When you hear there’s no god, don’t believe it; come to church instead”

    2) With recent coverage of real atheists billboards making the news around the country, the heads of small-minded regressives have been imploding over messages as inocuous as “Be good for goodness’s sake”. Imagine how up-in-arms they would get if we were putting up a message as blatant as “There is no god. Don’t believe what the church says”. So, I see this as an attempt to rile up that type of vitriol among those who don’t read the sign well enough to see who put it up.

    But, of course it works, for us, in the ironically hilarious sense that a church is doing our work for us. I want to see the first newscast about someone who files a complaint to have the sign removed, BEFORE he realizes who put it up and the intended meaning. THAT would be funny.

  3. Troy Spencer says:

    Congratulations, Mid Ohio Atheists! Someone must be on your side – ha ha – who would have thought that it was the McElroy Church of Christ? Wish we could get some of that love here in Tallahassee, Florida, but our group has yet to find a billboard company that will allow anti-theist ads…

  4. You guys seriously remind me of old ladys sittin around gossiping.

  5. Editorial Review says:

    I hate to nitpick, but it really undermines your argument when it appears that you can barely manage to even write a single sentence, especially when your argument is really just name calling.

    For future reference, the words you were looking for are “ladies”, and “sitting”.

  6. Tyler says:

    Congratulations on not putting up that billboard! It’s so nice to finally see the church embracing rationalism. 😛
    Jokes aside, I find it hilarious how often things like these happen *points to the bible.*

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  8. Hey Religion Revolution, I see you followed us here from the News Journals Website. Would love for you to make it out to one of or local meetings and tell us all while we are wrong. Feel free to contact us though the website and we’ll schedule a date and a time for you to spread the word..

  9. Neil Y. says:

    Truly hilarious.

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  11. Mike


    Email me there. We can get something together

  12. Marcos says:

    Hello Guys,

    Since you are close to this church, to thank you for us here in Brazil.

    We laughed a lot with advertising 🙂

  13. Ron says:

    We’re finding out that there are lots of these things up. So far we have pictures of the one on Park Ave East in Mansfield, and the one on Rt 30 by Fifth Ave. in Mansfield.

    If anyone sees another one, take a picture and send it to midohioatheists@gmail.com

  14. SG says:

    That’s so great! I hope you plan to post photos of the rest of them.

  15. Neil Y. says:

    Sorta reminds me of one I used to see at that Baptist Temple place on RT 42 over in Ashland way back in the late 90’s:


    Yep – God’s OK, but watch out for his brother…..

  16. Mark says:

    It’s really sad to see so many misguided atheists. Atheism is not about anti-theism. It is not about converting people to atheism or raising atheism awareness, it’s basically the opposite. Live and let people who whatever makes them happy, atheism is about NOT influencing other people. Really sad to see all of this.

  17. Ron says:


    Sorry, didn’t see that part in the Big Book of Atheist Dogma, wait there is no such book.

    Yes, atheism is just saying you don’t believe in a god, but where is it written you can’t be anti-theist or you can’t try to advertise your message to connect with other atheists?

  18. Nikki Hall says:

    Stephan Goodwin
    You are so right. Some evidence please? Don’t believe everything you hear, especially things like “there is no god”
    What else created everything? Or do you think everything came from nothing?

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  20. Michael says:

    Nikki, just because you don’t know what created everything dose not mean you can just make up something and assert it as true. If thats the case its just as likey the world was created by the Flying Spaghetti as the God of Abraham.

    If you don’t know how a picture that was on the wall ended up on the floor it dose you no good to assume that someone came into the house while you were away and took it off the wall and placed it on the floor, when its considerably more likely it probably just fell.

    Asserting knoweldge when there is no proof is not proof of knowlege.

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  22. I hate what you are doing to America first you took the pledge of allegiance which been around for you where sucking your thumb it like we guys can say what on your mind but the people can’t say the word god you took very think away that other people Believed in you take Constitution for granted the Constitution was the reason we were fight for freedom and peace from the British and to end slaves not to take it for granted i don’t care if you believed aliens loss neck monster aliens bigfoot or ghost for all I care just let America have something of god and one more the when you look at your money it said god we trust is that next on your list to get rid of You are being heartless to every person that Believed in god i believed in god but i don’t go to church oh one more thing I ‘am Surprise you don’t get rid of all of the church or is that next on your list too other people have right not just you Atheists it like if a person said the word god you would hand the person or to burn them to a steak whatever please you took our flag away which been around for been around before you where sucking your thumb too I would tell you Atheists go to hell but you are already there not sure if you believed in hell don’t care Because I can take Constitution for granted too free of speech by not you friend missy from Manchester

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