Rewards Leaderboard

Candice B.25
Marisa H.24
Brad B.24
Ron S.20
Christina O.14
Brook F.13
Kyle B.12
Tony P.4
Meri E.3
Chad H.2
Misty H.2

How the MOA Rewards Program works:

Members will now receive Reward points for attending MOA events!  The point breakdown is as follows:

1 point – Social event (i.e. pub night, parties, firepit night, etc.)

2 points – Annual picnic

3 points – Board Meetings and Educational events (Darwin day, Skype sessions, educational video events, etc.)

4 points – Volunteer based events other than Highway cleanup (table events, parades, etc.)

5 points – Highway cleanup

Points will also be rewarded at a rate of 1 point per $10 donation (cash or donated items) outside of event admission donations, with a maximum of 5 points per donation.

What are the points good for?

Points will be tracked throughout year and the top point earners will be awarded at the December Board Meeting as follows:

1st (Officer) – Plaque and T-shirt
1st (Non-Officer) – Plaque and T-shirt
2nd – Certificate, T-shirt, and book
3rd – Certificate, T-shirt, and book
4th – Certificate and T-shirt
5th – Certificate and T-shirt
6th – Certificate and Book
7th – Certificate and Book
8th – Certificate and Book
9th – Certificate
10th – Certificate

Any ties will be settled based on average point value per event attended.  As points are earned throughout the year, a list will be included below so you can check how many points you have and how close you are to the top.

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