Adopt a Highway Cleanup Tomorrow


The pickup this Sunday, May, 3rd at 8:00 AM, will be our first highway cleanup for 2015!  This is the year we get our gold star for 5 years of continuous service.

We will meet at the Ohio State Highway Patrol post on Main St. near the I-71 and State Rt 13 interchange.  The post is on the same road as Burger King.  We will park our cars there and one of us will chauffeur the rest of us to the highway.

It is recommended you wear boots, gloves, a hat, and use sun screen on exposed skin.  The temperature is forecast to start out in the 50’s and climb to the mid 70’s. The forecast is for sun and clouds, so make sure you use sun screen.

We will have the mandatory safety briefing just before the cleanup right there in the parking lot at the Highway Patrol post.  I will go over the list of safety rules and then pass out the safety vests and trash bags.   You can read the safety briefing information HERE and HERE.

I’m estimating it will take about 2-3 hours, depending on how many members show up.  If we can get 9 people to participate, it should go quickly.

You need to sign the release form for the State of Ohio in order to participate.  If you haven’t already signed this, I’ll have one the morning of the cleanup and you can sign it then.

Thanks to everyone for participating and helping to show everyone that atheists are good citizens too.