Changes to the leadership of Mid Ohio Atheists Inc.

I’ve received inquires as to the current makeup of the leadership of Mid Ohio Atheists Inc. (MOAI).  Indeed, our leadership team has changed during this past month.  

Due to personal reasons, Drenn and Carol Workman have decided they no longer wished to continue in their leadership roles with MOAI and have resigned.  I wish to gratefully thank them for their past service and support of MOAI.

During our monthly Board of Directors meeting on March 16th, Ray Greenbank was appointed to the empty directorship by the two remaining directors.  The directors of MOAI are now- Brad Boothe, Marisa Hills, and Ray Greenbank.  

Also, Marisa Hills was appointed by the board to the office of Vice President and Candice Boothe was appointed Secretary.  The Officers are now- President Ron Stephens, Vice President Marisa Hills, Secretary Candice Boothe, and Treasurer Ron Stephens.

I also want to thank the newly appointed leaders for their willingness to step forward and lend their talents to help our organization grow and become better than ever.

Ron Stephens,