Email from a Baptist Preacher

I guess you’re really getting peoples attention when not only do you get the standard hate mail from the fundamental believers but a Baptist Preacher takes the time out of his day to email you.  This was a new experience for me simply because the people who usually email me and want to argue or save my soul are more times then not non-denominational.  Either they attend a non-denominational church or they have abandoned traditional Religion for the idea that it’s a ‘Relationship’ not a Religion.   Which really means I can’t find anyone who is doing the way I like so I’m just going to make it up myself .   I’m sure Paul had the best of intentions, and I may have been a bit hard on him in my reply.  However I tend to get a little hot and bothered when people imply that I’m ignorant of scripture or Christianity in general and then offer their interpretation of some section they feel applies to the conversation.  So for the record I pride myself on my knowledge of the Christian Scripture and its history.  Those who know me well can attest to my knowledge.   If Paul happens to read this I would like to extend an invitation to him to attend our upcoming picnic, who knows, he just might learn a thing or two about atheists.


Picnic information can be found here.

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